Tyre Sealant Puncture Prevention

Add Seal Tyre Sealant puncture prevention is easy to install to protect your fleet. Add Seal Install  When we make a statement, we like to prove it!  A brilliant session today learning how to install Add Seal.  No doubt easier in a warehouse situation than a muddy quarry.     A few simple steps have to be followed to install the product, protect your tyres and extend their life:

  • Insert pump into drum
  • Prime Pump
  • Ensure valve of tyre to be filled is at 4 or 8 o’clock position
  • Measure the air pressure to check below 75 psi (5.17bar)
  • Deflate if necessary to 75 psi or below
  • Remove valve core
  • Attach pump hose to valve stem
  • Operate pump handle fully downwards, each downward stroke delivers 250 ml
  • Continue pumping and counting downward strokes until previously calculated amount has been reached
  • Remove hose from pump stem
  • Allow the air to blow out for a few seconds as this will clear any sealant residue from the valve stem
  • Refit valve core
  • Check tyre pressure and adjust as necessary to working pressure
  • Wash pump thoroughly after use

Please ensure you wear safety goggles to protect eyes and wear protective clothing.  The product itself is not hazardous but normal health and safety precautionary measures must be taken as in any workshop situation.

The pump is a custom made item with a screw fit directly to the drum.

For further details of how to obtain Add Seal for your plant and equipment please call:  +44 1 202 764778 or email sales@wpsukltd.com



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