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WPS help Glamox light up FPSO's in Ghana & Nigeria We are proud to announce that Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd has been appointed as a distributor for Glamox products in Ghana and Nigeria. Glamox is a world renowned specialist lighting manufacturer. ...

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Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

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London UK

Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 19 2940 8908


Add Seal

Industrial Tyre Sealant


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Your vehicles may stop work for many reasons, but a puncture need not be one of them!

There are few environments as tough, demanding or critical as open cast and underground mining. Add Seal industrial tyre sealant is proven in this harshest of situations – ensuring continuity of production, manufacture and construction for satisfied clients in many industrial sectors.

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Keeps vehicles performing off road…

…absolutely essential for long haul

The Product

Add Seal tyre sealant comprises of a carefully formulated blend of natural fibres, blocking agents and sealing compounds proven to seal a puncture of up to 18mm. Used as a preventative measure against punctures for a wide a range of vehicles and different tyre sizes from 26 horse power UTVs to 36 ton articulated dump trucks and earthmovers.

  • The world’s only environmentally responsible tyre sealant
  • Seals holes caused by any puncturing object within the tread area
  • Works immediately and repeatedly for multiple puncture protection
  • Avoids the need to change the tyre on site and saves money
  • Removes the risk and saves on recovery, repair and replacement costs
  • Easy, quick and inexpensive to install with minimal loss of tyre pressure
  • No damage to the wheel or tyre allowing easy re-treading or replacement

Product Data Sheet | Tyre Dosage Chart

Why Add Seal?

  • Seals punctures as they happen
  • Eliminates disruptive punctures on site
  • Reduces onsite repair and replacement costs
  • Improves productivity and revenues
  • Keeps your vehicles and human resources working

Who uses it?

Transport managers, owner-managers and site managers the world-over realise the disruption and delays a puncture can cause and this is exaggerated when vehicles and teams of workers are working in a co-dependent manner. Add Seal is suitable for any type of pneumatic tyre from the humble wheel barrow to the biggest earth moving machine.



Civil Engineering



Gas and Oil Plants

Fuel Transport

Materials Handling


Mining and Quarrying

Urban Maintenance

Waste and Recycling

Solutions for Light Vehicles

The same manufacturer provides a portable puncture repair kit for light vehicles. Ideal for roads that are less than perfect. We are looking for distributors – read more about the product here.