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tico pipe gripsTiflex are a UK company that operates in 3 main markets worldwide; Rail, Flooring and Industrial. All the products in these ranges are based on rubber and/or cork elastomer technology. The industrial range of products which includes pipe grips and impact / anti-vibration materials is called TICO. They have been in business since the 1940’s.

TICO are specified on a huge number of projects and are a regular supplier to companies such as BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and others. TICO are also FPAL registered and have ISO 9001 accreditation and are also working towards 14001 and 18001.

Our TICO range of products were designed originally for the North Sea oil platforms and these harsh environments require only high-quality products. TICO has an on-site laboratory, R&D department, and fully trained Quality Assurance personnel who ensure that every product that is produced maintains the high standards they set themselves and are naturally proud of.

TICO supply into almost every industry imaginable including O&G, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Engineering, Construction, HVAC…..and more. There isn’t any industry that doesn’t require pipe supports or anti-vibration solution at one time or another.

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TICO Applications

  • General Purpose Machinery Mount
  • Structural Bearings
  • Bridge Bearings
  • Machinery requiring a high degree of leveling
  • Pipework requiring a high degree of movement
  • Critical anti-vibration foundations
  • High impact absorption
  • Room in Room isolation
  • HVAC installations

TICO Suitable Machine types

  • Ball mills, Ball Presses
  • Blowers, Burnishing machines
  • Coil winders, Compressors, Conveyors
  • Die-casting machines, Engraving machines
  • Engine test stands, Etching machines
  • Electric motors
  • Food machinery, Forging machines, Furnaces, Fans
  • Generators, Grinders
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Milling machines, Mixers, Pulverizers
  • Printing Machinery, Pumps
  • Shot blasting equipment, Storage tanks
  • Vibratory shake-out machines
  • Welding machines, Woodworking machinery

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TICO Pipe Support Products

  • Off-Shore pipe work support
  • Pipe management
  • U-Bolt coverings
  • Clip Strips (Straps)
  • PTFE guides
  • Heat reslient clamp liners
  • Clamp Blocks
  • Extreme temperature supports
  • Sliding supports
  • Custom Pipe support products

TICO Structural Bearings

  • Building Bearings
  • Bridge Bearings
  • Room in Room Isolation
  • Floating Floors
  • Steel Frame Buildings
  • Pillar Support Bearings
  • Sliding PTFE Bearings

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