The Attendant as used by Boots

Welcome to Boots, the latest household name to take advantage of the brilliant energy saving features that the Attendant offers.

Boots have a vast estate of over 2500 stores. Whilst the larger stores manage their energy using a high tech but expensive building management system, they have 700 smaller, local stores where this isn’t a viable solution due to the high installation costs.

The Attendant, which is currently being put through it’s paces, will be used in the back office areas of these smaller stores to make sure that energy isn’t being wasted by air con units running in empty offices while the staff are serving customers on the shop floor.

It doesn’t matter though whether you’re a large, national retail chain or a smaller company with a couple of air con units. The payback & advantages are still the same. So call us today to find out how we can reduce your energy costs. You’ll be glad that you did.

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