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Worldwide Procurement Services market overseas an air conditioning controller The Attendant, that can reduce energy costs.  How often do you enter a room that has been empty for hours with the air conditioning running.  Power costs vary across the world –

Cost per KWH

  • Nigeria               N17
  • UK                      £0.0945
  • Ghana               C  6.40

Just one 1.6 kw air conditioning unit that runs for 80 hours a week with 30% of that time being unoccupied would waste £12.09 a week.

Multiply that to a building that has 20 units running and the waste would be £241.92 per week

Multiply that building to 48 weeks in a year to give a figure of £11,612.16 wasted money cooling a room that was empty for 30% of the time the air conditioning was running!

The good news is that this amount of money could be saved!   The Attendant does just what the name implies, it attends on the bill payers behalf,  turning off the air conditioning when the room is unoccupied. 

The wasted energy cost of the 30% unoccupied room could be a reduced energy cost!   Contact us to complete a simple survey and we can calculate what your ROI would be when investing in an Attendant to Reduce Energy Costs.



Attendant Air Conditioning Controller

Simple to install and operate – reduce energy costs


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