Reduce Air Conditioning costs in Algarve Holiday Properties

To reduce air conditioning costs in holiday properties in the Algarve resorts of Vilamoura, Quinta Da Lago and Vale Da Lobo is challenging for property owners and property managers.  Holiday guests have all inclusive rental fees, which includes the electricity to run the air conditioning.  Many of the guests holidaying have travelled to the Algarve for the long, warm sunny days with high temperatures from cooler climates and homes where they do not run air conditioning.  It is the lack of knowledge of running an air conditioning system and perhaps not appreciating how expensive electricity is in Portugal that results in home owners having hefty electric bills to pay.  Guests go out for the day, leave the air conditioning running at a very low temperature, return and open windows and doors.  Leaving windows and doors open  can cause a system to freeze up, go out of commission and require an engineers visit.  It is not necessary for the air conditioning to be left running when a guest is out enjoying a day at the beaches, playing golf at Vilamoura or chartering a yacht from the exclusive Vilamoura marina.

It takes minutes to make a room comfortable after a day out, this is where the Attendant air conditioning controller is aptly named and can do just this “Attend” to your air conditioning on your behalf when a room with an air conditioning unit running is empty after 15 minutes.

climateqA discreet retrofit device, battery operated, easy to install that will turn your air conditioning off or down, the choice is yours, after 15 minutes of non occupancy in your holiday property in The Algarve.  Property Management companies in Vilamoura and Quinta Da Lago recommend to their owners to install The Attendant after having tested units for themselves.  Return on investment is fast, between 6 – 12 months and this is just on reduced electricity costs, not taking into account the wear and tear on the AC unit.

Please click the link below to see the manufacturers video for more information – datasheet is available for download on this page also.

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