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WPS help Glamox light up FPSO's in Ghana & Nigeria We are proud to announce that Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd has been appointed as a distributor for Glamox products in Ghana and Nigeria. Glamox is a world renowned specialist lighting manufacturer. ...

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Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

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London UK

Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 12 0276 4778
Mob: +44 (0) 79 3215 4544Whatsapp Available


Reduce Air Conditioning Costs in holiday properties

Are you a holiday property owner in a hot country who would like to reduce their air conditioning costs in their holiday property?  The Attendant air con controller can help you achieve this.  The Attendant by Climateq was designed just for this purpose.  Holiday makers renting apartments and villas can be inconsiderate leaving air conditioning units running for many hours after they have left the property for a day at the beach or sightseeing.  The hours units are left running when rooms are vacant is a terrible waste of energy and money.  Accumulated over a year they can make a significant dent in what would have been a good profit on rentals and what looked like a great investment not so great!

The Attendant is used not only by holiday home owners, many other sectors are saving money and reducing their carbon emissions – hospitals, universities, large stores, banks, local government offices to name but a few.


Click the link below to view a video from Climateq the designer and manufacturer.  Samantha Flavell a director of Climateq explains how the controller evolved and how it can assist you.

 Read below  how a user in Spain was impressed with the Attendant and the support he was offered from Climateq

“I rent out our holiday home in Spain. Like many others while believing air conditioning is essential it gave us the worry that people would leave it on all day or with windows open or setting the AC to unachievable low temperatures which could give us very large electricity bills or damage the air conditioning. I searched the Internet and discounted fitting coin meters or anything that would be a hassle to my guests. I then found the Climateq web site that described the Attendant, this was exactly what I needed a unit that turns off the AC if nobody is in the room or if the windows or doors are open. On contacting Climateq the sales staff were very helpful and knowledgeable, the unit had only just been developed and is the latest technology at a very reasonable price. Last year I fitted one in the lounge, it is battery operated so very easy to fit, full instructions were given on how to program the unit which were very simple to follow and the unit is compact and attractive so does not look out of place mounted on the wall. Now my guests can turn the AC on or off at the touch of a button, the temperature is preset when you program it so no remote control is needed and if nobody is in the room it turns itself off after 10 minutes. This year I have fitted one in the bedroom that knows if people are asleep in the room and only turns off if people have left the room. I intend to fit further units in the other 2 bedrooms. I thoroughly recommend the attendant not only can it save you a lot of expense, it is attractive to look at, very simple to use and you do not have to have remote controls in the rooms.
Holiday home owner
Costa Blanca

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