New Distributorship: ATEX Explosion Proof Lighting from Glamox

WPS help Glamox light up FPSO's in Ghana & Nigeria We are proud to announce that Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd has been appointed as a distributor for Glamox products in Ghana and Nigeria. Glamox is a world renowned specialist lighting manufacturer. ...

London UK

Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 19 2940 8908


London UK

Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 19 2940 8908


Process Control Instrumentation

Worldwide Procurement Services can source and supply all types of Process Control Instrumentation, including flowmeters, analysers, and various sensors that measure temperature, pressure and levels . Additionally we can provide all types of associated hardware such as switches, gauges and transmitters.

We understand that cost effective, expedient, and reliable solutions are required in the oil and gas industries and have many years of experience in meeting our client’s complex requirements.

The aim of process control is efficiency, and we believe that should include the efficient procurement of associated instruments. We provide our clients with a complete and competitive service that can address all of your process control hardware needs.

We can procure high quality products from the most reliable manufacturers, including Rosemount, Faure Herman, Magnetrol, and ABB. All instruments will be supplied as per your specification, complete with any supporting technical information that’s required.

FPSO - African Oil Industry Procurement
Flowmeters - Process Control Instrumentation - African Oil & Gas Industry


Flowmeters of many types used to measure the flow of oil, gas and steam. Variants include: Ultrasonic, turbine, coriolis, vortex, magnetic, differential pressure and positive displacement meters.

Temperature Sensors - Africa Oil & Gas Industry


Gauges, switches and transmitters used to measure, monitor and control temperature variations in critical and non-critical applications. 

Pressure Sensors - Process Control Instrumentation - African Oil & Gas Industry


Gauges, switches and transmitters to aid in oil and gas measurement, control and other processes.

Level Sensors - African Oil and Gas Industry


Level gauges, switches and transmitters provdiing measurement to aid in inventory control, fluid movement and overfill protection.

Analysers - African Oil and Gas Industry


Fluid and gas analysers and transmitters for continuous on-line measurement and reporting of various physical properties.

The Instrument Procurement Process

Providing process control instruments is a complex task and we have developed a reliable and efficient workflow that enables us to ensure the instrument you receive meets your requirements. As all orders are bespoke items and manufactured to order, we understand the importance of accuracy and clarity.

  1. Receive enquiry from client
  2. Check enquiry contains sufficient information for manufacturer to be able to quote. i.e. detailed part code*
  3. Check Certification requirements are included in client request
  4. Check end use destination country – Trade Compliance Rules from individual manufacturers prohibit us exporting to certain countries around the world
  5. Contact relevant manufacturer or manufacturer’s distributor requesting a quote
  6. If manufacturer will not quote without End User Details, End User Country Destination, End Use Application a form will be returned to the client for completion
  7. Return completed end user information to manufacturer
  1. When quote is received check quote against enquiry, note any changes/updates that may have occurred since original purchase of existing equipment **
  2. Check datasheets supplied support quotation
  3. Review technical drawings to calculate approximate packed weight and dimensions of equipment
  4. Check delivery lead time is included in quote
  5. Final technical review and check by second member of team
  6. If delivery price overseas is required, calculate air or sea freight based on packed weight and dimensions
  7. Client on review of quote may have questions, require clarifications or confirmation of certain points,
  8. Process continues until client is satisfied with the quotation

* Arriving at the required part code can take time and several communications

** This is a frequent occurrence as WPS supply operational FPSO’s and equipment is more often than not a replacement for existing equipment which was installed or specified some years prior.

Case Study

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

As an example of an order, we recently supplied a Daniel Ultrasonic Flowmeter to a client in Africa. The generic part can be found on the Emerson website here

The complexity of the requirements led to us specifying a bespoke instrument that needed to be manufactured, which is common occurrence.

The breakdown of the final product code can be seen to the right.


The delivery lead time for manufacture was 23 weeks, with the manufacturing plant in Romania.  However, from placement of our order with Emerson we were able to reduce the lead time to 16 weeks.

The delivered unit when crated, measured and weighed as follows:

Size: 108 cm x 108 cm x 111 cm

Weight: 181 kgs

Volumetric weight: 215 kgs


A comprehensive 152 page documentation package was delivered with the flowmeter, covering:

  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Inspection Certificates
  • Test Certificate
  • Product Certification Report
  • Metallurgical Test Report
  • Hydro Test Charts & Information
  • LUSM Calibration Report
  • Hazardous Area Certificate (ATEX)
  • PED Declaration of Conformity
  • Certified Drawing
  • Standard Installation, Operational and Maintenance Manual (IOM)


Model: Daniel Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Model Code: 38140601S01M1040A112AJAA2122A2AC1UDZ
Model code breakdown:
  • 4 – No of Paths : 4 Path – Senior Sonic
  • 06 – Line Size : 6 inch
  • 01 – Pressure Rating : ANSI 150 / PN 20
  • S01 – Flange Type : RF/RF
  • M1 – Body and Flange Material: ASTM A352 Gr LCC Carbon Steel -50.8F to 302F (-46° C to 150° C)
  • 040 – Schedule : Schedule 40
  • A – Transducer Assembly : LT-04 High Viscosity (-50° C to 135° C) with NBR o-rings
  • 1 – Enclosure Type\Input Power : Aluminum Polyurethane Coated Housing, Indoor/Outdoor; 10.4-36 VDC
  • 1 – Future : Future
  • 2 – Electrical Conduits : M20 (uses reducers)
  • A – Electronics Mounting : Integral Mount (Up to 60°C)
  • J – CPU/Display: I/O Type 4 (6 Freq./Dig. Out, 1 AO), no Display
  • A – Expansion Module: None
  • A – Wireless: None
  • 2 – Tagging Format: Inch/ANSI/Metric
  • 1 – Tagging Language: English
  • 2 – Pressure Directive Cert: PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • 2 – Electrical Approvals: ATEX / IECEx
  • A – Metrology Approval: None

Additional Case Studies

Magnetic Level Gauge

A bespoke side mounting level gauge, manufactured in the USA and delivered to Africa.

Generic Make/Model: ABB K-Tek Level Gauge



  • 10 working week lead time
  • Size: 368 cm x 63 cm x 55 cm
  • Weight: 106 kgs
  • Volumetric weight for air freight: 212 kgs

Turbine Flowmeter

A bespoke turbine flowmeter manufactured in France for a client in Ghana.

Generic Make/Model: Faure Herman HELIFLU TZN200-800


  • 16 working week lead time
  • Size: 98 cm x 57 cm x 65 cm
  • Weight: 113 kgs


Magentic level packaged for shipment

Delivering Process Control Instrumentation Across Africa

We are pleased to be able to deliver instruments across Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana and the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire).