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Hawke International visit April 2016

Hawke International visit April 2016 with Edward Owiredu of Sea Serve Ghana

Peter England and Edward Owiredu, our representative in Ghana, concluded an intensive training programme of the Hubbell products manufactured in the UK at their Lancashire facility where Hawke International are based.

The day started with a factory tour, progressing through the various production stages from the receipt of raw materials, primarily brass bar and stainless steel to manufacture.  Hawke have a range of sophisticated automated machinery to carry out their milling and turning activities for  their components.  These components, together with any proprietary bought out items are brought together, kitted into their respective assemblies and made ready for assembly in their assembly shop.

Training modules were delivered by experts in each of the Hawke Product ranges and the classifications of the Hazardous Areas and Zones.

  • Exe Enclosures for Harsh and Hazardous Locations
  • Hazardous Area Cable Glands
  • Exd Connectors for Harsh and Hazardous Locations
  • Ex training

Gland and Connector  training involved a practical workshop, see below an image of Edward Owiredu’s handywork.

Hawke International Product Training

Hawke Cable Gland & Connections practical training – April 2016

Hawke International Product Training

Preparing Connections with Hawke International

Ex training covered Explosion and Flameproof applications, the various Zones, Classes and Divisions and explained the importance of selecting the correct product for a particular Classification and application.

The training was seamlessly carried out by Hawke’s expert in each area.

With Dron & Dickson and Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd supporting Edward Owiredu, CEO of Sea Serve Ghana it is anticipated that Hawke International products will be more widely utilised in Ghana’s Oil & Gas industry, Petrochemical Industry, Mining  and Power Industry.  The product knowledge of Hawke International products that Sea Serve Ghana has will bring added value to industries in Ghana when a hazardous or harsh area has a need for sustained safety and reliability under extreme conditions.

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