Attendant used by the NHS

The Royal Marsden NHS Trust has two sites, one in Sutton & the other in Chelsea & is well known for it’s excellent treatment of cancer patients.

The Trust has invested in a large quantity of  Attendant controls to make sure that their air con units aren’t running up huge bills by cooling empty areas.

In a busy NHS environment, it’s all too easy to forget to turn your unit off when you leave the room. It’s a common problem & we’ve probably all done it.

Our Attendant, is a clever but simple piece of technology that means that staff can get on with the business of looking after their patients without the added pressure of remembering to switch everything off when they leave.

How good is that?

 The Attendants’ simple technology makes it easy to install for villa and apartment owners overseas who are renting to holiday clients who do tend to be forgetful as regards to turning of the air conditioning.
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