New Distributorship: ATEX Explosion Proof Lighting from Glamox

WPS help Glamox light up FPSO's in Ghana & Nigeria We are proud to announce that Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd has been appointed as a distributor for Glamox products in Ghana and Nigeria. Glamox is a world renowned specialist lighting manufacturer. ...

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Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

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London UK

Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 19 2940 8908


Angola Development of Port of Caio

Angola, a west African country rich in oil reserves and other natural resources such a timber, minerals, gas and precious metals is investing heavily in a new port the Port of Caio.  The new port is situated 9 km north of Cabinda, in the location of Caio.  The development will be completed in three phases,  the first phase of this project includes new port premises, a large storage area for equipment of circa 100 ha that includes industrial storage and  offices for logistics.

This project is in line with  the plans of the Government of Angola to reconstruct and improve the road and rail infrastructure within the region. It will generate significant wealth for the region, creating a large number of new jobs.  Port of Caio is being spoken of as  a gateway to growth. There is no doubt the local community will benefit enormously creating jobs and boosting the local economy.
Here is the scope of phase 1:

A. Commercial quay wall length: 775m

B. Rig facility quay length: 360m

C. Ship repair facility (200m x 200m)

D. Breakwater

E. Access channel: 150m wide; -13.5m CD

F. New access road

G. Reclamation for future development

H. Turning circle: 400m diameter

J. Basin: 215m wide; -12.5m CD (deep section) -7.0m CD (shallow section)

Angola has awarded the construction, operation and transfer of the project to Caio Porto.   The types of dredging equipment likely to be used are:

Thousands of metric tons of silt will be moved to create the new deep sea port.

Worldwide Procurement Services represents a dredging equipment designer and builder here in the UK.  For any enquiry regarding dredging please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

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