Add Seal Tyre Sealant Puncture Demonstration

Add Seal Tyre Sealant will fix your punctures, a demonstration has been filmed on site using a front loader.  This video can be viewed on our website by clicking the link below:-

Watch the Add Seal Tyre Sealant Puncture Demonstration video and you cannot fail to be impressed – the loader drives over a 130mm x 18mm threaded spike and keeps moving!

Does your business measure accurately the costs incurred by punctures to your industrial vehicles and plant?  The knock on effect of a vehicle being out of action can sometimes cause production delays which are very costly, the cumulative annual expenditure and downtime costs when measured over a year will be significant and can make a difference to the bottom line of an organisation.

Watch the video and learn that these inconveniences can be overcome with a swift return on investment and no damage to your tyres, in fact the life of the tyre is extended.

For a no obligation quotation to protect your fleet  email or telephone +44 1 202 764 778


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